Book Lists

“So many books, so little time.”

– Frank Zappa

As readers, we often have a specific goal list of books we want to read. In the bookish realm, you may be familiar with the term ‘TBR’. ‘TBR’. (To Be Read) is defined to be a list of books you plan to read. However, being a perpetual mood reader I find it difficult to follow a TBR list. Instead, rather than following a structural list of books I want to read, I find myself straying far from my original plan and picking up whatever I want to read. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with not strictly following the list and there’s no shame being a mood reader.

Although, there is one problem being a mood reader: finding the perfect book you’re in the mood for.

To cater to this, I decided to collate lists of certain tropes I’m interested in.

Firstly, what is a trope? The term ‘trope’ is defined to be a storytelling device or common convention. However, tropes are not to be confused with ‘clichés’, which is defined to be an overused expression. Furthermore, it is important to note that tropes are tools and are not necessarily a bad thing.

I, myself, am a mood-reader and at times am desperate for a certain read. As a result, I’ve collated a few titles I believe fall under certain categories.

To find books under certain tropes, click on the links below.

Book List: YA Tropes I love

• enemies to lovers

• friends to lovers

• fake relationship

• the chose one

• secret royal

I hope you find the list helpful and if you have any suggestions, please share so I can add them.

What’s your favourite book trope?

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