Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, Books With Joy. I’m Joy. I’m the usual twenty-something-or-other that always enjoyed reading however, stopped once I started university. After reading health and medical textbooks, journal articles, and other educational goodies for almost ten years, I decided I wanted to read more for leisure than learning. (Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do! But I’ll never get the same enemies-to-lovers-with-a-slow-burn-romance-and-wicked-banter in a WHO report.)

I started this blog to ramble on about books and book related aspects because

  1. All my friends in real life are illiterate
  2. Okay, not all of my friends are illiterate, but they don’t have time to read/gush/rant over books with me

Therefore, I would love to reach out to the book community and meet people who share a similiar enthusiasm. *Cue eyes sparkling in the dying spotlight as a lone tear falls*


I enjoy reading almost every genre (I avoid horror because… well, I’m like an antelope—not a graceful one, but the ones that are easily frightenend and uncoordinated. So when I’m afraid, I’m just a mess). I’m also trying to catch up on the YA genre (because that’s the cool genre, and I’m always late and trying to be cool ha).

I hope you enjoy reading my rambles and perhaps share some sentiments with me. Even if you don’t, that’s fine. Feel free to leave a comment either way! I love branching out and I’d love to say hello.53648428