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After contemplating my reading habits and goals for 2020, I’ve discovered five bookish things I’ve learned in 2021 (when I write “you” I really mean “me”). And rather than make a long list of reading goals, I want to reapproach my current habits and develop sustainable reading habits both financially, mentally, and emotionally. So, without further ado, here are five bookish things I’ve learned in 2021.

1. Read what you want when you want

As a mood reader, I don’t necessarily have a problem with this. However, back in 2020, I followed the new releases and Bookstagram/Booktube trends and that exhausted me. As a result, in 2021 I decided to focus on books that interest me despite the trends and new releases. I picked up what I wanted and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) I found that I enjoyed many of my reads.

2. You don’t NEED to be subscribed to all the book boxes

Your wallet will thank you. Trust me.

In 2020 I followed so many book trends and at one point was subscribed to 4 book boxes a month. Four. I was subscribed to Fairyloot, Illumicrate, Owlcrate, and Goldsboro and at times, I would buy Fox and Wit. That doesn’t sound bad, but remember, I’m mainly based in Australia and was paying approximately equal amounts of the box on shipping. I found that whilst I kept up with everything, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the monthly book picks. On top of that, I was gaining so much stuff. Now, I’m much more intentional with what I want to buy and own.

3. Don’t force yourself to read if you’re not enjoying it

Instead, temporarily DNF books.

DNF = did not finish

Sometimes the book isn’t for me at the time. And that’s okay. Usually, what works for me is to put the book down and read what I want instead. I’ll come back to the book when I feel like it and when I do, I usually find that I enjoy the book much more. However, if you truly don’t enjoy the book, don’t feel obligated to finish it. Our time is limited. Why waste it on a book that doesn’t serve any purpose for us?

4. It’s okay to let go of books that no longer serve you purpose

And that includes special editions.

If you read any of my previous posts, I’m attempting to declutter my books. Here’s a method that helped me declutter. I had such a gorgeous shelf of special edition books, however, my shelves were packed full of books I did not love nor read. What was the point? Everyone has their own rhyme and reason for their possessions and whilst some like to own books for the sake of owning (and that’s perfectly fine), I much prefer to own books I love and/or would reread. Right now I have limited space for books so I need to be more intentional with what I own. One big thing I had to really practice was letting go of special editions.

5. Go back to the library!!

You dont need to own every book you read.

Before joining Bookstagram, Booktok, and the online bookish community I used to (religiously) use the library. However, over time I started to buy more books as I wanted to own more. However, after more thought (and full bookcases), I wanted to be more intentional with what I own and what I spend more money on. I can still support authors through the library.

These five bookish things are what I want to be more conscientious of and I hope it would guide me to be more sustainable and intentional with my reading.

What was a bookish thing you learnt in 2021?



6 thoughts on “Five Bookish Things I Learnt in 2021 | Book Rambles

  1. This is a great post! I completely agree with you about being more intentional about the books you own and buy. I realized last year that I was buying too many books, especially ones that were forgettable and that I could have just borrowed from the library. I don’t want to clutter my space so I’m going to try and limit the number of books I buy this year.


  2. Oh yeah, the DNF thing is pretty new to me, but I’ve found that it’s necessary. This is especially true because there are so many other books waiting to be read, so why would I force myself to read something I don’t like? Anyway, thanks for this post!


  3. Finding a balance between keeping up with releases and reading what you want is difficult, so I’ve learned to lean towards the latter as well! I’m still working on getting better at dnfing books though 😅


  4. Wow I love those graphics they’re so cute haha!! yep most of these are what I’ve also come to realise with time, and I’m still working on dnfing more books.
    love the post!!


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